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Hello and welcome to my hovercraft website, Enjoy your visit.. I hope you find it useful !
This site is dedicated to how to build a hovercraft.

I have ever since I was very small wanted to build my very own Hovercraft. The first introduction I had was down on the seafront at Southsea, Hampshire watching the boys arrive and then fall off the ramp and depart back over to the Island giving them a little wave to see them on their travels, even now I still wave them off, a truly magical time.  The idea to build came when I saw a little scarab hovercraft which was racing alongside for some promotional pictures at that moment realised I wanted one, nearly 20 years I am ready to start doing just that, building and racing one, hopefully a fast one !

 I have done all the hard work in construction the plans and these are ready for assembly.

 I searched the internet and have had several problems in finding suitable plans to build my hovercraft from, as a result I have decided to design my own and build with fiberglass to make it lighter, I have never worked with fiberglass or engines before so this will be an experience. Most likely it will to as much fun to design and build my hovercraft as it is to race the  hovercraft, Well I am about to find out !

Maybe you do not fancy building a hovercraft, then do not panic there are a small number of manufacturers in the UK, that are able to supply both Racing and Cruising Hovercraft from a One person Racing Hovercraft suitable for the National Championships to a Four person seaworthy Cruising Hovercraft. 
This page is not sponsored by any of the manufacturers it is a truly Independent comparison of the different Hovercraft that are currently available. 
Check out the Manufacturers page by Clicking here 

History of Hovercraft, The hovercraft museum 
maintains the collection at the former HMS Daedalus site, Hampshire, 
The Museum is not yet fully open to the public, and the office is not permanently manned, however they do have volunteer staff attending site on most days, and sometimes has open days. This is where you can see the history of hovercrafts being preserved they have several craft and restorations on the go. 
Find more here !


Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB) 
is the national body for the recreational sport of hovercrafting and has about 700 members including ME, and has a lot of great deal of information, if you are thinking of building or buying a hovercraft this is the place to visit and also to join, Well organised racing throughout the summer months at various locations in the UK, The world championships are held every four years If you have the money to travel to these events.  I sometimes post on the forum pages under the screen name of horus, the forum is well supported by its members with a wealth of information for any one starting to build or even just interested in Hovercrafting. Visit site here !

My Build Diary is at DAY ONE:  
Well I have to start somewhere and the best place is with a website to detail my progress I have also brought the constructors guide from the HCGB, and the fibreglass manual, the worst part has been reading them it always spoils the fun, anyway I have read the guide and been developing some  ideas for a final plan to build to the main problem I have is making sure I stay within the constructing requirements ready for racing when I finish the craft next year. I aim to update the build log once a week and whilst I do not expect it to be a complete build manual it will hopefully give you an idea of what can be achieved and also just maybe the incentive to have a go at building one yourself.
You can check out the build diary here.  Contd. Read More here !

I haven't made much progress with my hovercraft 
I am still hopeful to be attending the 2012 season.

I hope you find this website interesting, informative or amusing, 
If you have not then you can at least take comfort in the fact you have never met me !